About the blog

The dictionary defines utility as “the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial”, and hell yes! I want every piece of clothing in my wardrobe to be useful, profitable (or at least it won’t hurt my bank account) and beneficial by giving me that classy and unique halo that only confident women have.

I’ve been receiving compliments for my outfits from women and men alike (whether I’m in the office or having drinks on a night out) since times I can’t remember. And, although I always smile and thank in a gracious manner (they say that is the right way to receive compliments); my inner voice says “I got it online and it was sooo cheap. You can achieve this look too! It’s super easy”. 

So, after giving it some thought, I decided to set up this blog to inspire people to make wise and affordable fashion choices so that we each one of us can feel empowered and unique.

About me

I’m the daughter of an Italian tailor and an Italian carpenter, you can already guess that an eye for design and craftsmanship runs in the family. With my mum working from home, I grew up among Burda magazines, tailoring patterns, the sound of the sewing machine and the terror to be pinched by a pin while doing the fittings of my little dresses in the making. Although my own sewing skills are only good for sock hole repairs and attaching buttons, I still feel an immense sense of satisfaction whenever I bump into someone who is Really Well Dressed.

Another factor to consider in my personal equation is that I grew up in South America, in a reality where money wasn’t abundant, let’s put it that way. I saw my parents budgeting all my childhood and totally got a sense for “how much is too much” that is a bit below average. But also, as much as I love a bargain, I’m not the type of person who would queue in the freezing cold at 5AM to be first in line when the sales start. 

My choices are economical and the process to find each piece must require the minimum effort. After all, I’m a young career woman, with a relationship, a social life, a love for Gin & Tonics and a gym membership I must justify paying for. I don’t have time to go hunting for mega deals on end.

So this is me, a love for style and elegance, a limited budget and a good dose of pragmatism made me come up with ideas to express myself through fashion choices that I can actually afford. And as I love celebrating our uniqueness and I believe that fashion is a way of expression and freedom, I really hope this will become a space to share tips, tricks and to get inspiration from.

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