Hey There!

I’m Eli, the daughter of an Italian tailor and an Italian carpenter, you can already guess that an eye for design and craftsmanship runs in the family. With my mum working from home, I grew up among fashion magazines, tailoring patterns, the sound of the sewing machine and the terror to be pinched by a pin while doing the fittings of my little dresses in the making.

Although my own sewing skills are only good for sock hole repairs, I still feel an immense sense of satisfaction whenever I bump into someone who has that elegance factor.

So this is me, a love for style and a good dose of pragmatism make me come up with ideas to improve myself through fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices. And as I love celebrating our uniqueness and I believe that fashion is a way of expression and freedom, I really hope this will become a space to share tips, tricks and to get inspiration from.

Utility Fashion

The dictionary defines utility as “the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial”, and hell yes! I want every aspect of my life to be beneficial and useful to me and others.

When we live our lives unapologetically in on own terms, we don’t only build personal style, but personal power!

I decided to set up this blog to share my experience as I navigate the fashion and lifestyle world. With the hope that you will share your journey too and that we can make each other feel empowered and unique.

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