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Clever Home Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed 💡

In the past few weeks I’ve became adventurous and started experimenting with Tik Tok (here if you’d like to follow me). Needless to say I love the platform but the editing in app can be quite time consuming and I’m not an expert yet. However, here’s a Tok I made about “Things in my house that just make sense” sharing some home hacks I found really useful.

In this post I want to explain the details I couldn’t fit in the 30 seconds of this video.

The Walk-In Open Closet

This is the part of my house which always gets the most compliments. I’m not going to lie, I feel quite proud about it since it was all planned and built by myself. You can read everything about how I made space to create a walk-in closet in this post.

Single Socks Hack

The laundry room is probably the last place where you think of hanging art or adding decoration. But this frame not only is playful and nice looking, it is also helpful to keep all the single socks in one place until the companion appears.

To make this one, I first bought the printable wall art from Etsy (this shop) and printed it at home. Then I got an IKEA frame and glued some wooden pegs to it with super glue. And that is it. No more single socks! 

Best Kitchen Appliances

Appliances aren’t actual home hacks or something you can DIY. However, if you get the opportunity to choose kitchen appliances any time soon or in the future, these are two features I strongly recommend.

First, a cooking plate with integrated air extractor instead of a cooker hood that hangs down from the ceiling. This is mine. These types of air extractors are incredibly efficient, as any odours are taken care of at source. And when it comes to design, they allow you to keep the space above the hob completely clear; eliminating the need for big overhead extractors or cooker hoods. This makes them ideal for use on an island or in small spaces where every cabinet counts.

Oh, and one small extra bonus? Since they’re not overhead, you won’t need a ladder to properly clean them. The whole system can be dismantled, the plastic parts can be washed in the dishwasher every 2 weeks and the filter needs to changed every 1 to 2 years depending on use. See it in action in this video!

This last one isn’t in the Tik Tok video but I have to share it with you. An oven with Slide&Hide opening!

The Slide&Hide is a great feature. It means you can get big or heavy things out of the oven easily because you don’t have to lean over the door. Big trays just slide out on rails, and you can stand close to the oven easily to pick your food up. This is prefect for roasts or anything big. In my case, it has already saved me a few wrist burns!

Design wise, the Slide&Hide looks and feels very smooth, and most people who see it really like it. It makes the oven more usable by removing the door that’s always in the way when it’s open.

Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have others home hacks you swear by? Let me know in the comments.

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