Lockdowns Made My Skin Paler & My Foundation Doesn’t Match Anymore: An Easy Fix ✅

Just like everyone this past year, you’ve been staying at home more, spending more time in front of screens and, not only you might have skipped your beloved summer holidays, but you’ve been less out and about under the sun. Do you notice your skin got paler and now your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone anymore as it used to?

skin tone makeup

I totally get it, foundations are expensive. And, even if the cost isn’t a problem for you, most likely the shops are closed or you don’t feel like going out because you want to stick to the social distancing rules. One thing is certain, you can’t really buy a new foundation online. I mean, you can but the chances to find a good match are very slim.

How To Use Foundation Whiteners

If all of this resonates with you, then this is the trick you need. Get a foundation whitener to mix with your foundation.
Foundation whiteners, in general, lightens dark foundations to create your perfect foundation shade. In fact, using foundation whiteners is a great solution for adjusting foundation shades, whether you got “paler” because of the lockdowns or because the skin tends to naturally get lighter during winter and darker during summer.

Another benefit of using foundation whiteners is that they can fix foundation oxidation. Foundation oxidation is that chemical reaction that turns a foundation darker after it has been applied to the skin. Have you ever tested a foundation in the store only to find out it looks darker than you thought? Yes, it is really annoying.

Some brands offer foundation adjusters with different undertones to fit most skin colours. Note that white foundation lighteners generally work really well with light and medium foundation shades; while bronze or a mixture of white and bronze foundation lighteners work well with darker foundation shades.

Here are some foundation whiteners worth checking: MAC face & body mixing medium; Revolution Pro Foundation Mixer Lightening; NYX Pro Foundation Mixer; Nip+Fab Foundation Light Mixer.

collage of recommended foundation whiteners

Now that you have discovered this lifesaver product you’re ready to revolutionise your foundation game. And this is also the answer to the seasonal dilemma on whether to buy a new foundation, for the sake of a 2 week summer holiday tan. Foundation mixers are an easy and economical way to quickly adjust your shade.

If you can’t find a matching foundation and are curious about your skin tone, you may also find this post interesting: The Mistunderstood Pale Olive Skin.

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