Tips To Make Healthy Food Choices While Self Isolating 🍛

It’s been 10 minutes since I just ate and I’m still hungry…. again. How hasn’t been there? Lurking at the back of the fridge every hour. In this post I share some tips to help you make healthy food choices while self isolating.

Stick To Your 5 A Day 🥬

It seems like people slowed down on the panic buying and shops seem to be normally stocked again. But if you have trouble getting fresh fruit and vegetables, you can still make perfectly healthy meals with canned, dried and frozen products too! Check out this post for a super easy berries smoothie recipe you can make with frozen berries. 

Frozen Berries Smoothies 🍇

Keep An Eye On Sugar 👀

This could be actually a good time to cut back on sugar. I’m not saying you have to live on carrot sticks and celery, of course treats are fine. But we can try to have them occasionally instead of daily. Fruit and yoghurt can do the job just as well, and there are lots of healthy bars that are better for you than what’s at the back of your fridge. For example, I love the Quest Cookies & Cream bars!

Yoghurt with Raspberries & Oats

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration 💧

This one we can never stress enough. One of the keys to good nutrition is staying hydrated. If you hit the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, your gut and bladder will thank you. Tea and coffee are OK too, just keep an eye on your caffeine intake. If you prefer something fizzy, try sparkling water with some lemon, lime, cucumber or even frozen fruit. Refreshing and delicious! 

And then there is alcohol (oh oh… I’m guilty of this one). We’re home most of the time, it’s inevitable to feel like we deserve that glass of wine as a reward or to help us cope with this unreal situation. Just bear in mind that there’s a lot of sugar in most forms of alcohol so if you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake, cutting out booze for a day or two could help. So, if you can moderate while you isolate, you’re already doing great.

Extra Tips ➕

  • This time is great to experiment and have fun in the kitchen. Take some inspiration from these ladybugs caprese and let your creativity flow.
  • The temptation to order takeaway (and often overorder) is real. If you don’t normally eat starters and desserts, don’t go full on with your takeaways (and save some money too!). If the portions are still too big, make sure to save the leftovers because they can all go into soups and casseroles.
  • Think about your vitamin D intake if you’re indoors most of the day on Zoom meetings.

I hope you can incorporate some of these healthy choices in your new staying at home routine. Let me know how are you doing in the comments and follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

But the most important thing is that, whatever you do, you stay safe and well!


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