Top 3 Fitness YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe Right Now 🎬

Are you staying at home? This pandemic closed all the gyms and even going out for a run could feel risky, depending even if allowed by the government of your country.

I turned to YouTube for some free and on-demand workouts that I could do at home. I was looking for something effective but without heavy jumping because I live in an apartment and it isn’t considerate towards the old ladies downstairs.

So here is my selection:

1. Yoga with Adriene

I’ve done yoga before but never consistently. Now with all this free time, I’m really embarking in “the journey”, following no one but the Queen of YouTube yoga: Adriene.

She has videos for every mood, every issue, every body part or skill you want to work on. Her playlists are cleverly arranged by length so, if you’re feeling like 20 or 45 minutes you can easily navigate through the options.

Come join the over 6 million people who love doing Yoga with Adriene (and Benji, Adriene’s chilling dog).

2. Pamela Reif

If you’d rather break a sweat and pump up your heart beat, try any of Pamela’s HIIT workouts. Her videos are short (10 minutes or so), there’s no chit-chat and the routines are easy to follow but I guarantee you, you’ll feel those muscles the next day!

3. Popsugar Fitness

For the fun lovers out there, let go of your stress and dance it all away with Pop sugar dance routines. Browse their “Dance FitSugar” playlist and have a fun workout.

You see there are no excuses to stay active at home, for free and on-demand. And after your workout, try making these refreshing frozen berry smoothies for a low calorie and nutritious snack. You deserve it after all!

Let me know what your favourite fitness channel is in the comments below and follow me on Instagram to check my progress and get more lifestyle and fashion inspiration.


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