2 Satin Pyjamas to Stay Stylish Day and Night

Ditch the oversized t-shirt and have a look at these two ideas of relaxed and modern satin pyjamas.

Do you look amazing all day to then go home and wear that old oversized t-shirt that you got at a work event or college because they didn’t have girl’s sizes? Yes, I’ve been there and done that. I didn’t buy actual pyjamas for a while when I lived alone (and slept alone). I did have some night lingerie (as pretty as impractical) that I kept for special occasions.

Then I moved in with my boyfriend and, as far as he cares, I could have continued wearing the oversized tees. He’s all for the natural beauty and beauty within. Still, I felt that in the long run that carelessness about my beduoir attire might roll over in other aspects of life.

I had a number of boxes to tick if I was going to get pyjamas. As I am always cold, I can’t sleep with camis that let the upper part of my body uncovered. I find lace very itchy and I wanted a breathable fabric.


After some research, I found two nice options. One for spring/summer with shorts and a short sleeve top. And one for autum/winter with full pants and long sleeves.

Both have in common that they look elegant for every-night wear (not too sexy and not too sloppy). They are soft to touch (boyfriend box ticked), and they are super comfortable.

The first one is from Ted Baker, available in It is a mix & match type of set. You can combine tops and bottoms of your choice (camis, tops, shorts, long pants even a matching robe). This Ted Baker print is Harmony. I also add the Ted Baker eau de toilette spray for a cosier bedtime effect.

Ted Baker – Harmony Pyjamas

The second one is from Bluebella and it is a set. This model is inspired by the classic pyjama suits of Coco Chanel; with a softly rounded collar shirt and satin covered buttons. It has a loose and relaxed cut. I really love it!

Bluebella – Drew Pyjama Set

Whether you sleep with someone or not; how you look says a lot about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Wearing nice PJs to bed makes me feel more in sync with the rest of my closet and actually reflects who I am. Will you try?

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