The Easiest Skin Care Routine (and how to use a face roller)

Proven advice from an over 30 year old with great skin.

Today I’m going live on a video for the first time, revealing my age and wearing no make-up in front of “the internet” all at once! #help

98% of women care for her face and body every day. We all know the basics of skin care. But a good rule of thumbs when taking advice from someone is checking how are they doing in that area in their own lives. I’ve passed my thirties and still maintain great skin so I’ve decided to tell you my secret.

It will surprise you that my routine is so so simple and easy. The products are widely available and most of them are under 20 Euro. The secret is consistency. Stick to it every day and start as early as possible.

I’ve recently introduced a face roller to my routine. And I am so happy with it that I’m also showing you how to use it in this video.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Are you already doing most of this? Will you try this routine?

Under the video you’ll find all the products too with links 😉

Take advice from an over 30 year old with great skin 😉

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