Pop a Wish ๐ŸŽ‰

Want to surprise someone special on their birthday? Check this out!

It was my boyfriend’s birthday some weeks ago and I wanted to do something different than the usual birthday card or photo collage of the last year together.

I remembered I saw somewhere ideas about messages in balloons to be popped, specially for brides-to-be to propose to their braidmaids (here’s the pin in case you wonder).

I then decided to give this idea a birthday/party twist, by adding confetti in the balloons and rolling up a note with a birthday wish in each balloon. Definitely, you can place anything that would fit in the ballons (banknotes, vouchers, tickets for an event…).

In my case, I got the confetti inside the ballons with a small plastic funnel, but they also sell ready-made balloons with confetti inside (check the shopping gallery at the bottom of this article). For the notes I placed inside, I rolled them up and place them in before blowing the ballons.

For the blowing I used a little balloon air pump, which are very cheap in craft shops and save you the energy of blowing them yourself. But that’s of course optional.

I hung all the ballons with some cord as if they were a kind of piรฑata in the centre of the room. You can have them in different places or have them all together in a box, anything you think is best. I opted to have them all in one place because there is also the cleaning part after, and it is better to have all the mess limited to one space in the house.

You can also add an “instructions” note as I did, with a sweet or fun comment and a pin (I stuck it wtih a bit of tape).

After all, popping balloons is a sure method to wake up the child within us nomatter how old we are.

See the final result in action.

Cleaning after wasn’t that bad, confetti is neither sticky nor stainy so, the vaccum cleaner could handle easily.

Here are the things you need to recreate this idea. Nothing costs more than a few Euros, add a pin, and the result is guaranteed to spark happiness.

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