Waterproof Outfit With A Pinch Of Colour For Rainy Days☔

Let me show you a waterproof outfit

A favoured expression of the Germans is ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes’. I learned the real meaning of this saying only after I moved to Ireland and lived in Dublin for 5 years. Let’s be honest… I can guarantee you there IS such a thing as bad weather over there, but having the right clothes on a rainy day does help!

Unlike in my early 20’s when I would wear a crop top and open sandals in winter and constantly shiver in the rain in the name of fashion and “coolness”. Now I have turned my thought process around. Maybe because I understood the meaning of that German expression, who knows… Now I think my outfits aroud the weather outside, trying to stay true to my style but also blending my clothes with whatever mother nature is throwing at me.

Bring On The Rainy Days!

This outfit is an example. I still love a pop of colour to oppose the grey skies but I make sure I’m ready to walk confidently on the unexpected loose tile keeping my feet dry.

Girl wearing a rain coat, a red mini skirt and rain ankle boots

The jacket is a classic rain parka from Petit Bateau (no, they don’t only do children clothing). It comes in various colours, the classic one is bright yellow; I preferred this blue variant.

The skirt is actually COS from their 2015 collection, which isn’t available anymore. However, there are plenty of similar red mini skirts out there. Fun fact: I see this skirt orange, but I gave up and call it red after so many people telling me it’s red… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whatevs!

Girl with a bicycle wearing a blue rain coat, a red mini skirt and rain ankle boots

The boots are comfortable, waterproof and still manage to look classy. Chelsea boots are an evergreen and the pearl details make them stand out from the obvious. The brand is Lemon Jelly and out of the box they come with a lemon scent instead of that plastic smell. Big plus!

Black rain boots with pearls from Lemon Jelly

I hope you can get some ideas from this post to tackle rainy day fashion… After all some days you just have to create your own sunshine.

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