Chicken feet, also known as pied-de-poule

An old Vogue article says that the name comes from French – pied de poule, so called because this pattern actually resembles chicken feet. In English, it’s called ‘houndstooth’; it’s created from the intersection of the vertical and horizontal threads, usually in black and white. Vogue continues saying that this fabric is ideal for a sophisticated woman, and then goes on citing Albino, Trussardi, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Ok. What if I told you, we can still be sophisticated beings and keep a positive balance in our bank accounts?

I was looking for a so-called sophisticated blazer for a while. Something so versatile that would look great in the office and also nice for weekend drinks, coffee with a friend and lunch with the in-laws. A true camaleon.

Girl sitting with a glass of wine wearing a black and white jacket, black leggings and black high heels

Then I came across this jacket on ASOS by Morgan, a brand I hadn’t heard before. The price was reasonable so I clicked ‘buy’.

To be honest, I must say it doesn’t have any lining which to me is a quality minus, and no real pockets but that’s an eternal battle we need to fight against male fashion designers. If you can live with those two facts, then this is a perfect jacket, which it is for me.

Girl wearing a pied de poule black and white jacket

While writing this post I noticed the item is out of stock in ASOS and looked for other resellers of the brand (Zalando is one!). That was when I discovered the brand: Morgan de toi. Keep an eye on them, I certainly will. Non-obvious easy-to-wear designs, decent quality and affordable prices. Or as they describe themselves on their website, ‘urban chic Parisian’.

Here are some of the picks that made it to my wish list, maybe for future posts…


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